3E Pro is a multi-purpose detergent. In its transport and storage form 3E Pro is a highly concentrated powder that must be diluted with water to appropriate concentrations before use, in accordance with the attached instructions.

3E Pro can be diluted between 20 and 1000 times depending on Your needs.

It is and alkaline detergent with Ph=12.

3E Pro is suitable for cleaning and washing all kinds of water-resistant surfaces and materials.

It is very good for handling stains from motor oil, diesel oil, grease, soot, vegetable oils, soft drinks, fruits, blood, pus, etc.

At the same time 3E Pro is especially gentle to the materials and surface on which it is applied.

3E Pro doesn’t damage the paint and varnish, nor does it bleach fabrics.

It doesn’t damage rubber and  plastic seals and components.